Strange Conversation

Earlier this week, I built my first EC2 server from one of our templates, following (as far as I can tell) RightScale's best practices. It was to be our Continuous »

Source Code Time Capsule Succeed?

The last time I posted about this particular gem, my spam increased a thousand-fold and my blog became forever tied to the search term. You'd think I would have learned »

Ruby meta-hell

So, there's a certain type of test that's been failing in the M7 code, and I've been working on it all day long. It has to do with the Erector »

Coffee, Diaspora, and Indulging in the Test-first Kool Aid

Today was a day to be thankful for caffeine. I truly don't know what I'd do without coffee. Even when I'm not tired, I need to have my cup. My »

The 11:30 Post

I know what you're thinking. It's 11:30 PM on Tuesday night, and David's going to miss his first daily update. And you know, I'm sort of disappointed in you »

Week 2: Who tests the tests?

People are already becoming skeptical as to how long I will keep up my daily posting regarding the brave new world of telecommuting. One of those people is me! Well, »