All your Base64 are belong to us...

I've used Base64 plenty of times without really knowing why. One popular use is storing small icons in the text of CSS files, avoiding the need to make multiple requests »

PassportJS: Using multiple strategies on the same endpoint

You've probably run into PassportJS if you've had to do authentication in Javascript apps. Coming from a Ruby on Rails background, I'm used to Devise, which provided a similar pluggable »

Partial Staging of Git Changes in VS Code

A lot of developers, myself included, love to hate on Microsoft. And we have the odd good reason for doing so (cough, cough, Internet Explorer, cough). But they've been doing »

The awesomeness of multi dispatch in Julia

When I graduated from university, I couldn't imagine anything better than object oriented programming. Sure, every so often you had to exit that world for the sake of making some »

on chef cookbook re-use

Whenever someone asks me about using community cookbooks, especially when they're just starting out with Chef, I find myself increasingly giving the same two words of advice. Be careful. As »

net neutrality for right wingers

Note: I acknoweldge that there are folks out there on the right side of the political spectrum who support net neutrality. It's hard not to once you take the time »