Tracking the upstream branch in git

This is more for me than for you. I love Git, but some of the most useful commands are incredibly idiosyncratic, involving various flags or punctuation ("git push remote »

The Curious Case of the Backwards Touchpad

There's one small change that comes with OSX 10.7 (Lion) that I'm finding fascinating from a user interface perspective: the reversal of scrolling direction with the touchpad. By default »

Shaw UBB Followup

While the proof is still going to be in what they do with these discussions, I was happily surprised at how the Shaw UBB session I went to played out. »

Shaw Consultation about UBB

Oh the drama of the "usage based billing" debate! Or is it really a debate when one side is a few huge companies with a virtual monopoly on »

on wikileaks and the speed of bits

It’s an interesting time to be involved in technology. We’re just starting to figure out how to appropriately compensate artists in the digital age, having finally come to »

iPad: First Impressions

Despite not being completely blown away with it (the "it's indistinguishable from magic" propaganda from Apple was a bit much, even though I think the company is probably »