Shaw Consultation about UBB

Oh the drama of the "usage based billing" debate! Or is it really a debate when one side is a few huge companies with a virtual monopoly on »

on wikileaks and the speed of bits

It’s an interesting time to be involved in technology. We’re just starting to figure out how to appropriately compensate artists in the digital age, having finally come to »

Brevity, my elusive friend...

I have fallen prey to one of the many clichés of blogging, developer friends. In the beginning, there seem to be far too many spectacular ideas and so little time, »

Why frameworks are not a silver bullet for rapid development...

It had been a while since I'd worked on my current OSX app. The code seemed strange and unfriendly. But after a few hours of re-introducing myself to everything I'd »

How to make Parallels and IE8 Snappy!

At last, I have conquered thee, Parallels! So, initially, I had really long load times when launching a Parallels VM from a suspended state. I looked at my disk I/ »

Eclectic Ruby, MIDI, and Dr. Von Funk

One of the things I like about the Ruby community is that it seems to attract and even encourage eclecticism. I suppose it was only a matter of time, then, »