Partial Staging of Git Changes in VS Code

A lot of developers, myself included, love to hate on Microsoft. And we have the odd good reason for doing so (cough, cough, Internet Explorer, cough). But they've been doing »

net neutrality for right wingers

Note: I acknoweldge that there are folks out there on the right side of the political spectrum who support net neutrality. It's hard not to once you take the time »

Reducing knobs and switches in Chef

You're reusing community cookbooks? Great! But say you have some behaviour you want to be able to turn on or off that involves setting several properties spread across those cookbooks. »

Why I'm Voting for Don Iveson

I'm voting for Don Iveson for a lot of reasons. Here are just a few. As a downtown resident, I like that he really understands downtown. He doesn't just come »

Tracking the upstream branch in git

This is more for me than for you. I love Git, but some of the most useful commands are incredibly idiosyncratic, involving various flags or punctuation ("git push remote »

The Curious Case of the Backwards Touchpad

There's one small change that comes with OSX 10.7 (Lion) that I'm finding fascinating from a user interface perspective: the reversal of scrolling direction with the touchpad. By default »