Strange Conversation

Earlier this week, I built my first EC2 server from one of our templates, following (as far as I can tell) RightScale's best practices. It was to be our Continuous »

Source Code Time Capsule Succeed?

The last time I posted about this particular gem, my spam increased a thousand-fold and my blog became forever tied to the search term. You'd think I would have learned »

iPad: First Impressions

Despite not being completely blown away with it (the "it's indistinguishable from magic" propaganda from Apple was a bit much, even though I think the company is probably still the »

On copyright

I saw this on BoingBoing earlier this week and thought it was especially appropriate as my own country moves towards adopting a stricter set of copyright laws. In summary, the »

Ruby meta-hell

So, there's a certain type of test that's been failing in the M7 code, and I've been working on it all day long. It has to do with the Erector »

Sometimes you just have to bang your head against that wall...

Thursday night, there were 136 failing tests left on the M7 test suite. As of this morning, that number is 90. 46 fixed tests in 3 days. Not bad! Of »